10 Must Follow iPhone App Development Blog Websites for Developers

10 Must Follow iPhone App Development Blog Websites for Developers

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iPhone app development is most profitable in the market today. Today it’s hard to imagine a life without apps. Apps are now available for doing almost everything right from traveling, shopping, dining, cooking, exercising, banking and the list go on. But in order to be successful, one should make the right app with the right functionality, the right support, and right roll out. You can measure the success of the iPhone app, depending upon the results they achieve for the clients. The greatest challenge for iPhone app developers is to reduce the time lapse from concept to creation. For a developer, a good blog can be a lifesaver. Sometimes it provides accurate and appropriate information to the developers. It also provides hints, tips, practical resources and helps in creating codes. There are certain blogs which provide tools and techniques for mobile web and app development.

Here is the list of ten must follow iPhone app development blogs that can be helpful for developers:

1. iOS Dev Weekly

The iOS Dev Weekly is technically not a blog but there will be regular updates every week by Dave Verwer. Best iPhone app development links can be obtained from here. Usually, it is published on every Friday. It is free.

2. The Apple Blog

The Apple Blog mostly focuses on informing us about the latest happenings in the world of Apple and providing some of the most helpful tutorials. It is possible to check out on Adding Analytics to your App.

3. Little Bites of Cocoa

This was created by Jake Marsh. It contains tips on iOS and Mac development for developers. The main concept of Little Bites of Cocoa is to provide the reader with a brief overview of a new concept, tool or technique related to iPhone app development.

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4. iCode Blog

iCode Blog provides not only tutorials on iPhone but also provide a commentary which gives announcement regarding Flash CS5 which makes it possible to export iPhone apps.

5. iPhone SDK articles

iPhone SDK articles provide tutorials on iPhone. The articles will be mainly for adjusting apps to local language, currency and time zone.

6. Cocoa with Love

Cocoa with Love usually provides the cocoa and C-programming tutorials both for Mac and iPhone. It mainly deals with optimizing the loading of large tables on the iPhone. It is the best iOS blog by Matt Gallagher. The purpose of this blog is providing information to those people who want to develop an iOS application which pulls data from Rich Site Summary feed, displays it well and put things on the map.

7. NSHipster

NSHipster is a journal which contains overlooked bits in Objective- C, Swift, and Cocoa. It is updated weekly by Matt Thompson.

8. Cocos2D iPhone

Cocos2D iPhone is the official blog for the Cocos2D iPhone open source game engine. It is said to be the future home of programming guide. This blog is particularly helpful for getting started with games on the iPhone.

9. Mac Create

Mac Create provides news on the iPhone and also it provides a brief summary of an interview conducted with developers. Hence this can be a very useful blog, especially for beginners.


Blue Cloud Solutions created by Carter, Thomas is a good and reliable resource for iOS app developers to get through all the aspects of iPhone app development.

The Uses for iPhone app developers has been increasing for the past few decades. Through these blogs, developers can easily figure out the latest technology trends in iPhone app development and its usage. The above-mentioned blogs would be helpful for the development if they are looking for the resources which can sharpen their skills and help them to further develop themselves.

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