Must Read 7 Top Android Blogs for Any Android app Developer

Must Read 7 Top Android Blogs for Any Android app Developers

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The Android app developers Blog is the best way to get the latest information straight from the updated trending blog or news. Being run directly by Google, this blog contains some of the most up-to-date news regarding Android.


HelloAndroid is the best website that deals directly with app development in addition to other new Android news. The website features a fair amount of tutorials as well as an app’s database where users can upload their apps for others to test out and rate.


AndroidHive has a fairly basic layout that is simple to navigate. Most of the content deals with starting-level Android features and is aimed at beginners. With several articles that have more than 1,000,000 views each, this blog is a top notch resource for any novice & Beginners

Android Weekly

Android Weekly is not strictly a blog, but rather a newsletter. Each weekly newsletter links to external posts all across the web that relate to the latest Android news. The newsletter also features a Jobs section for Android app developers who are currently seeking to employ their talents.

Vogella Blog

A Vogella’s blog primarily focuses on Android and Eclipse, but also features information regarding other technologies covered by the group. The German company’s main website also contains a large number of free tutorials for Android app development as well as the other software they support.


AndroidCentral is the place to be for keeping up with the latest Android app developments. All Android app developers know that their app is not going to work on every single smartphone out there and this website is one of the best places to get data on the most recent devices to figure out just how they will respond to your software.

Styling Android

Styling Android has been active for several years and tends to update about once per week. As its name implies, the blog focuses on styling and theming Android apps. This website is best for individuals with at least an intermediate level of experience with android app development.


CommonsWare features a blog that is written in step by step language that feels more like a casual conversation with a friend than a technical explanation. This informal tone is used to explain recent issues that could give android app developers headaches if they stumble into these new problems unawares.

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