Top 5 Awesome Optimization Tips for iOS App Development Services

Top 5 Awesome Optimization Tips for iOS App Development Services


The mobile app ecosystem is exciting and offers great scope for innovation and achieving business goals. The ecosystem is so vibrant that it makes the app world highly dynamic. So, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends to fully leverage the many opportunities presented by the mobile app industry.

If you’re beginning your mobility journey, iOS is a great choice since Apple devices are renowned for their superior performance and reliability. A leading provider of iOS application development services would be able to guide you through the journey to make the most of your investment.

Here are some useful tips for optimizing your iOS application development:

1: Keep the User Interface Simple:

Apple ushered in a design revolution based on simplicity. In the words of Steve Jobs, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

The popularity of your mobile app hinges on the time saving it achieves for users. The app may have a highly sophisticated backend, with complex logic, integrations, and matrixes in place. But the front end needs to be clean and simple, to satisfy and delight users. Avoid unwanted features and options that distract users from the intended path. Minimalistic design, focusing on usability is what works best.

When leading providers of iOS app development services design the user interface, they can help identify which steps to reduce or which obstacles to remove, to assist users to achieve the intended task faster.

2: Enhance Findability:

This is particularly important for enterprise applications. Make it as easy as possible for users to search for their intended product or task inside your mobile app. For instance, if a manager wants to view a report of total employee hours spent on a particular project, he/she should be able to find it easily. The app should have a search function that covers all content and provides quick results. Consider filters, suggestive search and faceted search to ease the process.

3: Stay Abreast of App Store Guidelines:

Apple has significant control over the apps made available via its App Store. The company monitors app quality on various evolving parameters to enhance user experience. Therefore, compliance with Apple’s standards is extremely important.

It’s a good idea to check out the top 10 reasons for app rejections published and updated regularly by Apple. According to the latest update, 42% apps were rejected on lack of completeness, while the remaining were rejected for multiple reasons, including violation of privacy standards, design issues related to functionality and business model related issues.

Experienced providers of iOS application development services would have deep knowledge of Apple’s App Store guidelines and standards.

4: Rethink Push Notifications:

While notifications are important, users are bombarded with these through the day. Consider making your push notifications interactive, which could translate to high user engagement. Give users the option to reach the desired action from the notification banner or alert, without having to stop an activity or exit an app that the user may be using at that moment.

5: Split Screen Feature:

We’re used to multitasking. So, it’s extremely frustrating to be using only one app at a time! Why should you need to exit one app to open the other? Experienced developers can incorporate a feature whereby your app can be used on a split screen. This allows the screen to show both the apps being used and gives users the option to adjust the screen distribution and rotate the screen.

Such a feature makes it super convenient, as users can easily navigate between the two apps without having to exit one to access or view the other. For enterprise apps, this feature can significantly boost the productivity of employees.

Leading providers of iOS application development and iOS mobile application development services would be able to suggest various other optimization techniques. A powerful mobile app commands greater loyalty from customers and contributes significantly towards brand building.

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