Top 5 Must Have Skills for an Android App Developer to Hire

Top 5 Must Have Skills for an Android App Developer to Hire

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Following is the list of must have skills, you should look out for in an Android app developer to hire.

Programming Language

An android app developer must be well versed with Java programming language. Although there are many other programming languages which are used for android app development but native development requires using Java and Android Studio as your Integrated development environment. An android app developer must be well aware with some of the most complex Java syntax and its programming structures. The android developer must know object-oriented concepts like class vs static methods, inheritance, hibernate and everything Java. The developer should have good working knowledge of lists, variables, loops, control structure etc.

Android SDK

Android app developer must have proficient knowledge of Android SDK. The concepts which the android application developer must be well informed about includes basic understanding of layouts and views, activities and their life cycle, user input, getting data from the web, storing data, Action bar, accommodating different screen size, and densities. The android app developer must also have sound knowledge of Android documentation.

Back-End Skills

An Android app developer must have basic knowledge of SQL which is used to interact with the relational database. SQL supports integration and exchange of data from multiple sources. The back end skills help in integrating the applications with the databases.


An Android app developer has to work in teams comprising of other android app developers, designers, project managers etc. A developer will have to collaborate with other team members to get things done. It is critical for an android app developer to be able to work in an android app development environment which involves rigorous status updates.


Communication is critical for the success of a project as a android app developer has to communicate the challenges to the team members as well as update the client on status and technical feasibility of the project.

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