Top Android App Developers Always Use 7 Tools for a Much Easier Work

Top Android App Developers Always Use 7 Tools for a Much Easier Work

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Here are some of the most essential tools that your Android app developer must be familiar with, in order to develop an app that seamlessly complements all aspects of your business:

Android Studio

Android Studio is a development platform that all Android app developers worth their salt, must be acquainted with. It is an integrated development environment that works with Gradle developer constructs, allowing developers to create apps that support a magnanimous variety of Android devices, as well as app stores. Furthermore, Android Studio also provides an AVD manager that allows for checks and tweaks to be made to the app in the developmental phase itself. A plethora of such features ensures that your app development process is as lucid, as it is fruitful.

Fluid UI App Prototyping

UI is a crucial element when it comes to creating a memorable app. The entire UI process, however, can prove to be both time-consuming and expensive. Enter Fluid UI, a web-based prototyping tool that allows Android app developers to generate highly detailed app mockups through storyboarding, etc. Additionally, the PDF feature allows you to instantly share the results/s with others, thus making it an easy, affordable prototyping option.


All Android app developers will, at some point have to implement certain default graphic elements, inclusive of icons, splash screens, among others. Given the elemental nature of such elements, generating them from scratch can prove to be unnecessary. is an image generation site, which allows you to choose from an extensive array of options, in order to create stunning graphics elements that fit your app perfectly.


Every successful app has backed it, a seamlessly balanced combination of backend infrastructure management, user engagement analytics, and monetization. These interdependent elements must work in tandem, in order to keep you ahead of obstacles, both external as well as internal. Your Android app development team will, therefore, have to painstakingly make provisions for the justification of each. Firebase is an all-inclusive tool that boosts user engagement, as well as scalability, by incorporating each and every element required for building a successful enterprise mobile app.

Phone Gap

These days, the surges in technological variety and enablement are moving at a nearly uniform pace. The implication of which being, that your user base may have access to a wide variety of platforms. An unavoidable by-product of this is that the base programming languages may differ over a number of your target audience. Your Android app developers will, therefore, require a tool–such as PhoneGap–that allows them to easily create hybrid mobile apps, using languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; thus allowing you to exponentially widen the potential reach of your enterprise mobile app.


The success of any mobile app depends largely on its development phase. This is the time when your Android app developers can avoid any potential fiascos in future; if they gather the necessary insight that is. This is where the Genymotion platform helps you, by enabling the development of a better app through over 3000 virtual device configurations, played out over nearly every conceivable scenario. Having such a provision throughout your entire development phase can prove to be a great asset, both in terms of time, as well as convenience.

Tiny PNG

Having created a brilliant mobile app–that is the picture of aesthetic, and functional harmony–is all well and good. But you also must bear in mind that a lot of users tend to avoid using apps with large APK sizes, as it tends to affect their overall device performance. It is therefore of paramount importance–especially if your app is high on graphics/images,etc–that your Android app developer is able to shave down the APK size as far as possible. Enter Tiny PNG, a tool that uses smart compression techniques to reduce PNG file sizes. The implication of this, although small on an individual level, will bear far greater fruit for your app in the larger scheme of things.

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